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About Us
Our mission is to advocate for generations of Pasifika people to achieve and share educational success in Aotearoa.

Our Work is About

Leading and advocating that Pasifika languages, knowledge and cultural skills are specialist forms of educational knowledge.

Advocating of educational programmes that reflect Pasifika language, knowledge and cultural skills that contribute to Pasifika leadership and confident communities.

Developing of strategies in consultation with Pacific-ethnic stakeholders to achieve the best delivery of educational programmes.

Providing quality information, tools and/or resources that are relevant to Pasifika.

Delivering educational programmes that are responsive to the changing needs of Pasifika community, maximizing individual achievement and are reflective of Pasifika cultural values.

Pasifika Education Centre History

The Past - Our Roots

In 1974, the idea for setting up an educational institute to cater for the needs of an increasing Pacific Island population was first mooted at a conference called by the Minister of Education Honourable Phil Amos at Lopdell House.

Around this time 78,000 Pacific Islanders resided in New Zealand. An Auckland star special report on Pacific Island issues in the country and in the Pacific Islands at the time described a Pacific community struggling to cope with the reality of living in New Zealand.

"Many came with the notion that Auckland's streets were paved with gold. For almost all of them it was their first trip from their home island, for most they were coming to their first job. Western Samoa figures showed that 73% of those that come here have never worked before, other than at home or on the family plantation. They have touching, simple confidence... they think they know all about New Zealand."

"The Government began to show qualified awareness those policies to deal with the situation needed to be devised."

Today - Going Back

It's over forty years since the idea of the Pacific Islanders Education Resource Centre was conceived.

Key Dates

1974: The idea was mooted for an educational institute to cater for the increasing Pacific Island population. At that time, 78,000 Pacific Islanders lived in New Zealand.

1978: The Pacific Islanders Education Resource Centre (PIERC) opened in Herne Bay.

Early 1980's: Due to growing needs in South Auckland a branch was opened in Mangere.

1993: PIERC renamed to PIERC Education and relocated to Atkinson Ave in Otahuhu.

2004: PIERC becomes Pasifika Education Centre (PEC) and moves to the Pacific Business Trust Centre, Great South Road, Otahuhu.

2010: PEC relocates to Lambie Drive in Manukau.

2016: PEC relocates to Manukau Institute of Technology and begins a partnership to deliver language and culture as a joint venture

2018: In September, PEC celebrated its 40th Anniversary.

“Our language enables us to communicate and engage in our cultural activities.  Our cultural activities are an expression of our identity.”

TuilomaGayle Lafaialii, Director

The Pasifika Education Centre Team

Tuiloma Gayle Lafaiali'i DIRECTOR

MEd, BA in Education

Aiono Manu Faaea-Semeatu ACADEMIC MANAGER

BMus, BA (Hons), GradDipTchg (Sec), PGDipEd, GradDipTESSOL, MProfStudies


PEC Board members are:

Ms Mele Wendt (Chairperson)

Mr Ron Viviani

Dr Pafitimai Fa’asaulala Tagoilelagi-Leota

Prof Tania Ka’ai

Ms Metua Bates

Mr Iani Nemani